Opportunities for in-hive education – April 2024

Opportunities for in-hive education Compiled by Dr. Dewey Caron There are three monthly in-hive opportunities that Master Beekeepers members might wish to join. All include open hive and great opportunity to ask questions. OSU Friday in the Apiary – at Oak Creek Apiary, Corvallis. On OSU campus with OSU Bee Lab personnel. Off 36th avenue … Read more

Notes from Dewey – April 2024

by Dewey M. Caron, Communications and Content Specialist for the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program Why do bees have a queen? Why do bees have queens? asks Rhylie, age 8, Rosburg, Washington.  [CuriousKidsUS@theconversation.com] Well beekeepers know most bees, the roughly 20,000 described species, do not have queens while our backyard colonies usually have one in resident … Read more