New Website

The online reporting system and student content portals have been combined into one site, where one set of user credentials can be used to access your student progress forms and reports as well as the documents, Guided Study Downloads and other protected content.

The reporting and record keeping system has been updated with a new color palette in keeping with OSU Extension policies and will still be used to store your Master Beekeeper Program progress reports, including Education Points and Field Experience Points for Apprentices and Public Service Points and Guided Study Progress for Journeys. Master level students also continue to have access to the system.

We have combined accounts and you will use your username and password for the reporting system to access this new site, which combines the reporting system and the protected content from the old, OSU Master Beekeeper site.

All records are intact, the only difference is that you only need the one set of user credentials to access your reports and the protected content, such as Guided Study Downloads, Beekeeper Documentation, future video presentations and more.