Challenge to Apprentice Certification

Thank you for your interest in challenging the Apprentice certification of the Oregon Master Beekeeper program. By
challenging the Apprentice Certification you believe your experience and knowledge qualifies you to start the Oregon Master Beekeeper program at the Journey level.

Please review “Participation Criteria” for “5 or more years of current beekeeping experience” and the certification requirements below before applying. To initiate the challenge process, please complete this online application and be prepared with a payment of $50 or $75 (contact for the payment link). When we receive your application and payment, we will notify you so that you may begin the challenge process.

Challenge requirements for Apprentice certification
May challenge with 5 or more years current experience
$75.00 Fee
$50.00 if have 4th edition Beekeeper’s Handbook by Diana Sammataro.
Please confirm that you have the text
Hive access required
No mentor assigned Mentors assigned to students with 1 to 4 years experience.
Complete 2 Varroa Guided studies You will be given access to the Guided Studies. They will apply to the requirement to complete 12 at the Journey level.
Pass a closed book 60 minute timed written exam with a score of 90% or better Based on The Beekeeper’s Handbook. You will do this from your own computer by logging into the exam site. Instructions for the exam will be included when you request the exam.
Demonstrate field proficiency by completing season appropriate field worksheet(s) with a program mentor This takes place when the weather permits opening a hive; most likely spring/summer. At that time a program mentor will coordinate this with you.
Review and sign all program waivers You will be asked to sign waivers when you log into the reporting site for the first time.
Submit 4 hive maintenance log entries covering multiple seasons A single entry for your hive maintenance logs that cover various times during the year for a total of 4 entries.
Complete all requirements to be certified as an Apprentice. Eligible to apply to the Journey program